Advantage INDIA

Global Capability Centers (GCC) in India.

GCCs in India have offered innumerable opportunities and advantages for large MNCs for years. Emerging corporations, aiming to enhance and spread their global reach and ambitions, have the same opportunities.

Why India? India offers a distinct advantage under the prevailing geo-political and macro-economic scenario and offers an array of exciting opportunities and advantages.


‘Inevitable India’

Why one needs to be in India?


“We are taking India out of Asia-Pacific (region) and making it a separate region. It’s the only country, that is a region on its own. And, I’m doing it because, the ability of the Indian Market to go into hyper-growth is pretty unique right now.

Everybody, I speak to believes this is the moment for India”

Christoph Schell
Chief Commercial Officer, Intel Corporation

“India will play key role in shaping Global Growth.

India is emerging as a key player. India’s rise can make a meaningful impact on global economic growth”

Gautam Kumra
Chairman, MckKinsey Asia

“It’s a well-known fact that India is a very populous country, where the GDP has also been showing steady growth.
From that perspective, I do believe that India is probably the country with the most potential in the world”

Naoki Hama
Global President & CEO, Fujifilm's Business Innovation

“India’s growing economic might (is) certain to boost its status on the global stage.

India is poised to see strengthening of its economic and geo-political role in the coming decades, helped by an evolving demographic dividend, rapidly expanding digital economy and GDP growth rates that top the world’s major economies.

The major economy with the highest potential growth rate is India”

Michael Spence
Nobel Laureate & Professor, Stern School of Economics, NYU

“We’ll be doing more development (Engineering and R&D in India), we’ll be doing more manufacturing and sourcing (from India)”

Larry Culp
CEO, GE Aerospace

US and India are the only two outperforming markets in the world. Rest apart, India is on an amazing growth trajectory.

Charles Emond
CPDQ President & CEO

India’s Global Capability Centres (GCCs) are poised to assert their prominence, illustrating India’s ability in addressing international tech needs.

Mr. Jagdeep Kochar
Managing Director, Baker & Taylor India

It’s India’s Century
“India’s growth rate is remarkable…
If you are not in India, you are making a mistake.”

Punit Renjen
Dy Chairman, SAP
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    It’s incredible. it’s really wonderful. Inducts has completely surpassed our expect. team is really hardworking and easy-going. They know exactly what your requirement is. Thank you for your service.

    Theresa Webb

    Inductus and his team have tremendous knowledge of what’s new in SEO. They are truly experts in their field and very detailed oriented. I highly recommend this company for digital marketing services. They always get us great results.

    Arlene McCoy

    I have worked with Inducts and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Inductus has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable and has effective processes in place to handle multiple projects simultaneously. He is very knowledgable in his field and knows the industry.

    Esther Howard
    Marketing Head

    I was about to shut my blog when a friend recommended Inductus to me few months back. I was really skeptical and hired them only for a month, but they did for my blog what most other companies couldn’t in less than 28 days. Naturally, I renewed my package. very dedicated and he doesn’t treat me like a client, more like a brother. He’s very trustworthy and I really hope they go big and global.

    Brooklyn Simmon
    CEO, Bribbble LLC

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